Vasayo Review – Not Affiliate Marketing But Certainly a Trending MLM For Sure!

Vasayo is one of the new business to join the ever-growing world of MLM. Our main focus is affiliate marketing but from time to time we like to dive into the MLM world when we see something is trending! We are basically all in the same work from home arena!

It has created rather some buzz and affiliates are all over social media trying to hire new members.

You may have been already approached to join this chance, and you are wondering whether you need to sign up with or not.

This Vasayo review will provide you with all the info you need to know about the business, then you can decide if it deserves your time and money.

You likewise need to understand that this is an independent review.

Vasayo Reviews – Business Info for basically anyone that dabbles in this type of work. Let us dig into the company and see what the buzz is all about.

Unlike other MLMs that conceal their ownership details, Vasayo have actually been really transparent about the method the company operates.

Before he formed Vasayo, they utilized to run another MLM chance referred to as Monavie, with his other half Karree.

Monavie was formed back in 2005.

Dallin was one of the pioneers of this MLM and has been at the helm for more than Ten Years.

Dallin was very successful with Monavie, and led the company to attain terrific heights.

Due to unanticipated situations, he was eventually required to relinquish his position with the company.

He also took this step to give others the opportunity of steering the company forward.

Dallin is an active man.

After he left, Dallin began looking for new ways to spread his wings, which is how he developed the most recent venture, which is Vasayo.

Currently, Vasayo is under the management of both Dallin as well as Dr. Emek Blair.

Dr. Emek Blair is likewise the Chief Science advisor of Vasayo.

Those who have remained in the MLM world may feel that Dallin has simply reappeared in order to make some money.

He has made it really clear that this will be his last endeavor when it comes to the MLM world.

Vasayo has generated so much attention that it seems one of the most significant business in the MLM world.

Vasayo Evaluation– Line of product

When it pertains to the line of product, Vasayo generally provides a large range of supplements and vitamins to their customers.

There have manied MLMs in the past, all handling the same items.

For that reason, you might have been asking yourself exactly what is different in between Vasayo and the rest.

Well, what sets Vasayo apart, remains in using technological application, to develop these products.

Inning accordance with Vasayo, a lot of supplements and vitamins on the marketplace today, are developed to be taken in by the body, upon intake.

However, Vasayo has gone a step even more to make sure that their vitamins and supplements have a 90% absorption rate. Other companies that claim such things would be Herbalife or Shaklee and a few others.

With such a high absorption rate, you get value for your money, while the body has less residue or waste to deal with.

Vasayo provides 5 main products in their line of product.

These are:

Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Energy

Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Basics

Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Sleep

Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Neuro

Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Renew

As much as the products being used feel and sound fantastic.

You ought to note that they will just be for sale and retail, as from January 2017.

This will occur throughout the soft launch phase.

The Settlement Plan

The company was just recently introduced, which suggests that they are yet to develop a structured and clear payment plan.

The business is still in the testing phases and they are yet to release officially.

Presently, you can join this MLM opportunity as a leader.

If you feel that you can join at this stage, you require to fulfill the 8 leadership qualifications, which have been set forth by this company.

They include:

You need to be a transitional leader

You must have proven leadership skills

You should have established big companies

You must possess large quantities of wisdom

You should be a leader that is reliable

You should reveal humility

You should be a leader who is a team player

You need to be a leader who desires the very best from others and ready to play a crucial role

If you satisfy all those requirements, then you ought to join this company, before its official launch, which is anticipated to be in January 2017.

In terms of generating income with this MLM opportunity, you can do this in using 8 different ways.

Given that the company is yet to be formally introduced, this information is not presently offered.

Currently, affiliates can earn a commission of approximately 60% from their sales.

In order to make this 60% commission, you should be able to earn in between $500 and $1000 per month when you initially join as an affiliate.

Apart from the direct commissions, you can likewise make through double star that runs 7 generations deep.

There is likewise a 5% executive reward check, together with others.

In order to become an affiliate with this MLM, you are needed to buy a product.

When you make this purchase, you certify to become an affiliate.

Vasayo Evaluation– Expense to Join

As noted previously, buying a product with this company makes you eligible to become an affiliate.

This implies that the expense to sign up with will completely depend on the product that you buy from the company.

In other words, the purchase rate will identify the quantity needed to sign up with the item.

Because the Vasayo is still yet to head to the soft launch phase, accurate details about such issues is yet to be offered.

Decision– Is Vasayo Legit or Rip-off

If you have actually been planning to join the company and you have actually been conducting some background research, then you might have heard some problems that it is a rip-off.

Others will inform you that it is legit.

This suggests that you are still uncertain whether it is an opportunity that is worth your time.

Truthfully speaking, you can state whether the chance is legit or not at this phase.


As much as there is some information missing out on about the payment strategy, this company appears to be heading in the ideal direction.

When the products are released, you will get an opportunity to make cash online with this MLM opportunity.

Unlike other frauds, they have a clear product line and their background information is there for everyone to see.

More info on Vasayo is coming soon, once they have totally introduced and launched their products into the marketplace.

Thanks for reading my review.

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How to Build Affiliate Marketing Without Website?

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How to Build Affiliate Marketing Without Website?

Do you wish to be a successful affiliate marketer? You may have had a role model in affiliate marketing. Most of them must have had a blog to promote, and they also have a website to do a review for their affiliation products. It has been a usual trick to get better income through affiliation. If you want to keep it long and durable for your business, building website is a must. It needs long process as you have to learn about how to design website, how to post good content and more. You may think that it is too hard for you and you need to ensure that you have to publish a good post that is related to the products and your posts you have published to the website. There are many ways to be successful affiliate marketer without having a website. You don’t need to be a blogger when you want to get successful affiliation. Don’t worry that you have no skill in building a website, don’t worry that you have no talent in making good blog, just make sure that you have a strong will to get involved in affiliate marketing. How to build affiliate marketing without a website? Here are the answers.

affiliate marketing brand

Posting in blog and forum

One of the simplest ways to apply affiliate marketing is by posting stuff in blog or forum. You may not understand what to post. You have to get involved in related forum or blog. You have to keep it flawless and smooth without showing the intention to promote your affiliate products. You can start discussing and talking about the related topic and put the link of affiliation in your signature. The best way for it to post the link to your discussion on the blog that is matched to the products of the affiliation you belong to.

Making viral eBook

Another way to try to promote affiliate product is using viral eBook or other viral products. This way can be so effective for you to spread affiliate links without having a website. You can make eBook 30 pages or special report that has good contents. You have to make sure that the eBook you made is informative and good for the readers. You can say that people can spread your eBook for free or sell it on eBay with low price to add more income. As long as your eBook is good and useful, this way can improve the sales and clicks of your affiliation link. When you have spread your viral eBook, you just need to wait for the commission to come.

Making video for YouTube

The last way is using Youtube video. You can make a video like testimony content or review contents. You can make everything as long as it is related to the product of affiliation you belong to. You don’t need to buy a high-class camera, but just make a simple or medium quality video with good contents of it. Don’t think about the quality of picture if you haven’t had the gear; just ensure that you have prepared the contents that can be useful for the audience of your YouTube channel.

Two Best Strategies in Effective Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing money

You must have known about how legit affiliate marketing is. We all know that everyone that gives up on Adsense usually comes to affiliate marketing because it has something good to offer. You don’t need a system, you don’t need support, and you don’t need to have the products. You just need to use and promote the good things from the products you have chosen. The only duty of affiliate marketer is to ensure that the reader will visit the seller. You just need to ensure that your targeted readers go to the seller and buy the products. After that, you just sit and receive your commission. That is why we don’t need to discuss the benefits of affiliate marketing, but we just need to jump into the strategies to promote affiliate products. There are many strategies you have to run when you have been an affiliate marketer. There are also many tricks to ensure your improvement in affiliate marketing. The more sales you can get, the more commission you can get too. As we have known about the affiliate marketer’s duty, we have to focus on how to run the strategy in attract readers to buy the products. To make it short, let’s skip to the steps or strategies to promote in affiliate marketing.

Two big things in affiliate marketing promotion

There are two big things in affiliate marketing. The first is to build notification list in every launch and remember that there are so many lists you can build and the second is to build web property like having review and rate about the products we affiliate. There are also many web properties that we can build. Here are the ways to build both of them.

  1. Build notification list

There are many ways to build from Facebook, blogs or even YouTube. If we use Facebook, we can like posts from fan page that is related to the topic we want to build. This trick is rarely known, but it is pretty effective because not many people know the ways of liking the Facebook comment. The people you like will get notified, and some of them will see your page and start reading your affiliate post in your Facebook. Another way to make notification list if YouTube. If you already have many subscribers, you can start attracting people to join in your email notification list. You can offer good products for free as the bonus for the affiliate product you have offered. Once you have built notification list, you can keep in touch and good connection with the readers and offer your best packages.

  1. Build web property

If you are a blogger, then you can be good on this one. Building web property like giving rank, true reviews can be so good for affiliate marketing, in this case, promotion. We all know that many people still love to read and blog can be effective ways to promote the products. You have to choose a good product that you have understood about the details and the features. You have to make a good and true review and rate to ensure that the readers will be attracted to products you offer.

How to Promote Affiliate Product through Blog? Best trick in Affiliate Marketing

Promoting the affiliation product is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. The only reason why it can be the best way to monetize your blog because the process is not hard, but the commission can be so legit. Promoting the product on a blog is as easy as publishing new content. Making a blog for affiliate platform means that you have to promote the affiliation product on your blog. If you are wrong in promoting the products, your reader may be gone.

Many bloggers have a wrong mindset when they become an affiliate marketer; they randomly post the contents without seeing the product. When they have decided to be serious about the affiliate marketing way for their earning, they have to learn about how to promote affiliate product in your blog successfully.

Indeed, there are many things to do or just simply make a connection with your social media account or followers, but when you have used a blog, you have to maximize and never waste your time to make a good blog for something that does not give you feedback or earning. What do you need to do when you decide to make your blog for affiliate product promotion? Here we have several steps to follow if you want to be a successful using blog for affiliate marketing. Make sure that you make a note and do follow up action to make a better impact for your earning.

  • Making good connection with the reader

First of all, you have to make a good connection with your reader; you can make fan base or just make sure that you have social media account to get connected to your reader. If you run from a blogger turning into affiliate marketer, you have to keep the connection. There will always be a chance to attract your readers to buy the products. Never cut the connection and keep in touch with them. When you can maintain, you also can maintain your earning.

  • Build the traffic first

You have to ensure that you already build the traffic. You can start making good content and good post to attract your readers. You can make the relation between your old posts smoothly to your current product and make sure that there is no clear intention for you to publish content for business’s sake. When you already have traffic, it will make better SEO site for your blog views or visitors.

  • Promote good product only

Promote the products that fit your heart. Don’t choose the viral, but choose the product that you know the quality of it and you like the product too because naturally, affiliation is recommendation selling.

  • Give space and stop

Never race your post. Give space for your readers to stop your affiliate post. Give them time to read your other contents that can attract them to keep in touch on your blog.

  • Relevant product with blog

If you have already posted before doing good promotion, you have to make a review that related to your big theme of your blog. So your readers will not go.

Strategies to Increase Affiliate Marketing to be More Effective

If you are an affiliate marketer, you have to know tips and knowledge in affiliate marketing. The first thing you have to do is to be consistent to find the new products that offer affiliate that can boost your income.

The second thing you have to do is to promote the products that you have chosen and learned about the details so you can promote it well and people that will buy also can be interested in keeping using your affiliation. There are many strategies that you can try to apply when you have been an affiliate marketer. No matter what kind of affiliate marketing trick you use, you still can use our tips.

join affiliate marketing

If you are so intense to apply many strategies like trial and error, you will get the best strategy to boost your income through affiliation. Even when some people that go doing affiliate marketing in offline, they also have to be consistent. Because when you are not consistent, you may lose your compact spirit to boost the income. That is why you have to perform better and better. So, here are the best ways to boost the sales in affiliate marketing.

  • Build a website for affiliation product

We are sure that when you dedicate an intensive blog post for an affiliate product, you can get more visitors. There are many products that you want to review and affiliate, so you have to make sure that you already have a place to review. You can tell the pros and cons of your products, and you also can recommend and give the reason why you have to try the products you have promoted. The website for affiliation product can give you brighter side and better place for you to keep reviewing the products. Moreover, the website can be number one weapon for you to be more consistent in promoting the products. That is why building website can be important for your business in affiliate marketing.

  • Give bonus like free product

As you have many products to recommend, you have to try giving a bonus or free product from products you have been affiliated with. You can try to give several bonuses when buying one certain product. When you have been trying that and no result for it, you may be in tough competition with other marketers, so you have to compete better. Try to give more bonuses, but make sure that you are not collapsed just by giving more bonuses.

  • Review the product from your affiliation

The most important thing in affiliate marketing is reviewing the product from your affiliation. No matter you like it or not, you have to review the affiliation products to give simple guides for the buyers. The review is the most effective way in affiliate marketing because you can tell the reason for your recommendation and why people have to use your link to buy the products. That’s all the strategies you have to try when you are an affiliate marketer. It indeed needs a process for the boosted sales.

Use This to Boost Your Affiliation Sales

If you have no idea to earn money on the internet, try affiliate marketing. It has no relation to MLM, but it is just a kind of marketing that use affiliation to market a product. Usually, people that use affiliate marketing sells software or application that has powerful benefit in internet marketing to boost sales.

The purpose of using affiliate marketing in selling software or application is to ensure that users attracted to buy because some of the affiliate marketers use their product for the bonus. Not all people that use affiliation for marketing is to sell a product, but they may play Amazon affiliation that can earn money from Amazon Gift Card. We all know that it is not hard to review some products. Many people may have tried using affiliation for marketing, but they may not know how to boost the sales or income from affiliate marketing. So, we have several tips to increase your affiliation‘s earning.

There are several ways you have to follow to ensure that you can boost the earning. The steps are so simple, and you don’t need to worry that you cannot follow. The only way to do is to download Cloaker Buzz. This software can change your affiliation link look more professional and better so there will be many people that can attract to click the link. So, here are the steps.

affiliate marketing

  1. Click the button and ensure that it has been opened

  2. Input or submit your affiliation link to the URL bar

  3. Submit the title of your link; you can type anything and make sure that the title is interesting too. You don’t need to worry about it when you have a brilliant idea. The title is the key to getting more clicks and works from the affiliation link. Make sure that you make a good title.

  4. Upload link to your web server. This step is simple, and it will help you to make sure that people around the world, everywhere can click your affiliation link, so you just need to save the link with name “index” using the software of Cloacker Buzz.

The tips to boost when you already have the links that look more professional is that you cannot stop doing promotion in your media you have done or made. There are many media you can choose for promoting your link. This thing may need skill in making good copywriting. When you can have a copywriting skill, it will be better because you may be able to attract more people to click the links and you will get more sales through that.

Another way to boost the sales when you already promoted the links and you have got views and click is to maintain the sales and views. The best to do that is that you have to make a chain between your customer and you. You have to communicate well and do branding well with your current reputation. So your products or links of affiliation can be promoted by your customers for your hospitality in helping them.